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Monster Appreciation Week: Great Wroggi

That time of the week again!

I've changed the title to reflect that, despite the original intent of these blogs, they're now a weekly thing. And MAW, I think you'll agree, is a cool acronym.

But anyway, Great Wroggi!


In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Great Wroggi Icon Bird wyverns that spit a poisonous mist. Wroggi travel in packs that are led by the largest and most toxic member. The poison is made in a sac-like organ around its throat; if this is destroyed, the creature's ability to spit is impaired.

MHP3-Sword and Shield Equipment Render 001

Wroggi and Great Wroggi Equipment

This Article lists all the Wroggi/Great Wroggi Weapons and Armors that can be obtained in every game.

Long Sword

Dosufurogi LS Japanese



Furogi Sword
Indent01Furogi Sword +
IndentIndent01Poison Hekket

(I think this might be a sign we need to update our Great Wroggi Equipment page!)

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Open Up and Say Argh (Great Wroggi intro)00:35

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Open Up and Say Argh (Great Wroggi intro)

Title MH3G: Great Wroggi Introduction Video
by GSD993

As always, give your thoughts, opinions and anecdotes about Great Wroggi in the comments below!

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