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Monster Appreciation Week: Brachydios

Lord Loss August 11, 2013 User blog:Lord Loss
Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week: Brachydios!
I know. Finally. It everyone's favourite exploding theropod!
MH3U-Brachydios Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Brachydios Icon Brute wyverns coated with an explosive green substance. The material is thought to be a unique myxomycete--or slime mold--that is primed to explode by the Brachydios's own saliva. Note that these crafty creatures can also deliver powerful foreleg strikes.
MH3U-Long Sword Equipment Render 001

Brachydios Equipment

This Article lists all the Brachydios Weapons and Armors that can be obtained in every game.

MH3U Weapons

Great Sword

MH3U-Great Sword Render 026 English

Dios Blade
Indent01 Dios Blade+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Sword
IndentIndentIndent01 Myxo Demolisher

Long Sword

MH3U-Long Sword Render 042 English

Dios Katana
Indent01 Dios Katana+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Katana
IndentIndentIndent01 Pyro Demolisher

Sword and Shield

MH3U-Sword and Shield Render 040 English

Dios Edge
Indent01 Dios Edge+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Cutter
IndentIndentIndent01 Struxion Demolisher

Dual Sword

MH3U-Dual Blades Render 005 English

Dios Slicers
Indent01 Dios Slicers+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Blades
IndentIndentIndent01 Spectral Demolisher


MH3G-Bracchidios Hammer English

Dios Tailhammer
Indent01 Dios Tailhammer+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Hammer
IndentIndentIndent01 Novagio Demolisher

Hunting Horn

MH3G-Bracchidios HH English

Dios Bell
Indent01 Dios Bell+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Chime
IndentIndentIndent01 Timbral Demolisher


MH3G-Bracchidios Lance English

Dios Stinger
Indent01 Dios Stinger+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Lance
IndentIndentIndent01 Albrach Demolisher


MH3G-Bracchidios GL English

Dios Gunlance
Indent01 Dios Gunlance+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Gunlance
IndentIndentIndent01 Zvolta Demolisher

Switch Axe

MH3G-Bracchidios SA English

Dios Axe
Indent01 Dios Axe+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Axe
IndentIndentIndent01 Brisant Demolisher

Light Bowgun

MH3G-Bracchidios LBG English

Indent01 (?)

Heavy Bowgun

MH3G-Bracchidios HBG English

Dios Cannon
Indent01 Dios Cannon+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Cannon
IndentIndent Haize Demolisher


MH3G-Bracchidios Bow English

Dios Flier
Indent01 Dios Flier+
IndentIndent01 Demolition Bow
IndentIndentIndent01 Warflare Demolisher


Official Videos

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Explosive Temper (Brachydios intro)00:34

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Explosive Temper (Brachydios intro)

Title MH3G: Brachydios Introduction
by GSD993
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Brachydios Gameplay (Wii U)02:04

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - Brachydios Gameplay (Wii U)

Title MH3U: Brachydios Gameplay
by CapcomUnityVideos

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