Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week: Black Diablos!

Oh, this ol' girl's been around for years, so she deserves some kind of celebration.

Black Diablos 3rd Gen Render

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Black Diablos Icon These black-shelled Diablos are treated as a subspecies, but are actually just normal female Diablos in heat. The color change is a warning to other creatures, as they tend to become extremely aggressive during mating season.

MH3U Weapons

Great Sword

2ndGen-Great Sword Render 016 Weapon Tree

Double Diablos
Indent01 Cera Cigil
IndentIndent01 Cera Cymmetry


Black Diablos Lance Weapon Tree

Black Tempest
Indent01 Black Tempest+
IndentIndent01 Rising Tempest

Switch Axe

Black Diablos SA (Axe)
Black Diablos SA (Sword)
Weapon Tree

Axe of Thanatos
Indent01 Axe of Demons
IndentIndent01 Axe of Hades

WiiU MH3GHD MH3U - Gameplay 24 - G Rank Black Diablos 黒角竜 (HD)08:05

WiiU MH3GHD MH3U - Gameplay 24 - G Rank Black Diablos 黒角竜 (HD)

Title MH3U HD - G Rank Black Diablos (Group)
by Sendoh Terry

And of course, you can always hunt the original Diablos species as well!
3rdGen-Diablos Render 001

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