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Monster Appreciation Week: Abyssal Lagiacrus

Lord Loss September 30, 2013 User blog:Lord Loss
Hello, and welcome to Monster Appreciation Week: Abyssal Lagiacrus!
The last Rare Species this week, and the last monster you unlock to fight in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Isn't he cool?!
MH3U-Abyssal Lagiacrus Render 001

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Abyssal Lagiacrus Icon A rare species of Lagiacrus known only from an ancient scroll:

From the abyss' darkest cave
Comes the master of the wave
Consumer of the world entire
Devil of the sea most dire
Fear it as you fear the grave.


I really hope we got these images legitimately.

MH3U G-Rank Weapons


Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G HD Ver06:54

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G HD Ver. - Abyssal Lagiacrus 4 players online

Title Abyssal Lagiacrus (Group)
provided by GSD993

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