Welcome to Monster Appreciation Day: Yian Garuga!
Use this blog to discuss and share your stories, either from today's endeavours or a previous hunt.

2ndGen-Yian Garuga Render 002

2ndGen-Heavy Bowgun Equipment Render 002

Yian Garuga Equipment

MHF2 and MHFU Weapons

Great Sword

1stGen and 2ndGen-Great Sword Render 035 English


Weapon103 English

Note: This is upgraded from Sentoryu Wolf and is only in MHFU.

Sword and Shield

Weapon538 English

Dual Swords

Weapon385 English


Weapon215 English

Hunting Horn

2ndGen-Hunting Horn Render 011 English

Note: This is upgraded from Wolf Torrent only in MHFU.


Weapon345 English

Light Bowgun

Weapon300 English

Heavy Bowgun

Weapon264 English


2ndGen-Bow Render 004 English

Note: This is upgraded from Blue Kut-Ku Stave II and is only available in MHFU.

Weapon Images

MHFU X-Armor Skills

  • Earplug
  • Abnormal Sts Atk Up
  • Sharpening Skl Inc
  • Damage Rec Speed -1
  • Earplug
  • Abnormal Sts Atk Up
  • ClseRnge Coating Add
  • Damage Rec Speed -1

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