Welcome to Monster Appreciation Day: Yama Tsukami!

First introduced in Monster Hunter 2, Yama floated off in Freedom 2, only to return for Unite.

As always, you can use this blog to discuss and share your stories, either from today's endeavors or a previous hunt.
2ndGen-Yama Tsukami Render 001

MHFU Equipment

Weapon461 Weapon114


Dragonwood L.Sword
Indent01 Fanatic Dragonwd LS
IndentIndent01 AncientDragonwoodLS
IndentIndentIndent01 AncientSlayrDrgnwdLS
Fanatic Dragnwd LS G

2ndGen-Hunting Horn Render 026 2ndGen-Hunting Horn Render 008

Hunting Horn

Dragonwood Horn
Indent01 Spirit Dragonwd Horn
IndentIndent01 AncientDrgnwoodFlute
Spirit Dragonwd Horn G

2ndGen-Bow Render 029 2ndGen-Bow Render 005


Dragon Bow Halo
Indent01 Dragon Bow Solar
IndentIndent01 Ancient Dragon Wood Bow
Dragonbow Solar G

2ndGen-Gunlance Render 021 2ndGen-Gunlance Render 004


Dragonwood Gunlance
Indent01 Gld Dragonwd GLance
IndentIndent01 AncientDrgnwoodLance
Gld Dragonwd GLance G


Heavy Bowgun

Ancient Dragonwood Cannon

MHFU Armor Skills

Blademaster (Shin)
Gunner (Shin)
  • All Res +5
  • ESP
  • Worry
  • All Res +5
  • Capacity Up
  • Worry
  • ESP
  • Quick Eating
  • Paralysis Duration Halved
  • Hunger Increase [Lo]
  • Capacity Up
  • Quick Eating
  • Paralysis Coat Add
  • Hunger Increase [Lo]

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Dragon of the Tower (Yama Tsukami intro)00:32

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Dragon of the Tower (Yama Tsukami intro)

Title MHFU: Yama Tsukami Introduction Video
Provided by GSD993


Title MH Frontier Online: HR100 Gou Yama
by sickbwoi

And let's not forget the cool Artwork.

Image (8)

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