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2ndGen-Shogun Ceanataur Render 001

2ndGen-Dual Blades Equipment Render 002

Ceanataur and Shogun Ceanataur Equipment

This Article lists all the Ceanataur and Shogun Ceanataur Weapons and Armors that can be obtained in every game.


For the sake of simplicity, branches of the weapon trees that develop into Terra Shogun Ceanataur weapons have been omitted.

2ndGen-Great Sword Render 019

Great Sword

Ceanataur Blade
Indent01 Blue Claw Blade
IndentIndent01 Killer's Scythe


Sword & Shield

Dual Carapace
Indent01 Dual Carapace+
IndentIndent01 Dual Scissors



Ceanataur Head Axe
Indent01 Big Blue Chopper



Blade Stinger
Indent01 Ceanataur Stinger
IndentIndent01 Ceanataur Piercer

2ndGen-Bow Render 007


Blue Blade Bow I
Indent01 Blue Blade Bow II
IndentIndent01 Blue Blade Bow III
IndentIndentIndent01Showroom Model


Long Sword

Shogun Cutter
Indent01 Killer's Sickle


Dual Swords

Bladed Edge
Indent01 Bladed Edge+
IndentIndent01 Limb Cutter

2ndGen-Hunting Horn Render 015

Hunting Horn

Shell Castanet
Indent01 Shell Castanet+
IndentIndent01 Bi-Colored Castanet


Heavy Bowgun

Official Videos

Title MHFU: Shogun Ceanataur Introduction Video
by GSD993

C'mon, we just know you've got an exciting story about the time Shogun surfaced beneath your last Shock Trap and destroyed it.

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