Welcome to Monster Appreciation Day: Monoblos!
Use this blog to discuss and share your stories, either from today's endeavours or a previous hunt.

MH1-Monoblos Render 001

I'm sorry, but that's literally the best picture we have of Monoblos. We do have some cool Hunting Card artwork, though!

Pink Fatalis Scan 13

C'mon, you know you want to use this oppertunity to farm for Monoblos Hearts anyway.

MHF2 and MHFU Weapons



Sword and Shield


Notes: Monoblos Club can be upgraded further, but only into Diablos or Kirin-based weapons.

Dual Swords


Notes: Dual Diablo+ can be upgraded further, but only into Black Diablos/White Monoblos based Dual Swords. In addition, Dual Diablo and Dual Diablo+ both require Diablos parts.



MHFU X-Armor Skills

  • Reckless Abandon+1
  • Adrenaline+1
  • Detect
  • Demonic Protection
And of course, you can hunt Monoblos' very own Subspecies, White Monoblos!

(No, we don't have a good image of him, either).

Image (32)

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