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Monster Appreciation Day: Hypnocatrice

Lord Loss November 26, 2011 User blog:Lord Loss

Welcome to Monster Appreciation Day: Hypnocatrice!

As always, use this blog to discuss and share your stories, either from today's endeavours or a previous hunt!

FrontierGen-Hypnocatrice Render 002

Hypnocatrice Equipment

2ndGen-Great Sword Render 008

Great Sword

Pickaxe Blade
Indent01 Pickaxe Blade+
IndentIndent01 Sleep Sword Zantoma

2ndGen-Hunting Horn Render 003

Hunting Horn

Feather Whistle
Indent01 Hypno Whistle
IndentIndent01 Hypno Slide Whistle

2ndGen-Bow Render 016


Wing Bow I
Indent01 Wing Bow II
IndentIndent01 Wing Bow III
IndentIndentIndent01 Wing Bow IV


Sword & Shield

Feather Knife
Indent01 Feather Sword
IndentIndent01 Hi Feather Sword

2ndGen-Gunlance Render 013


Feather Gunlance
Indent01 Feather Gunlance+
IndentIndent01 Hypno Cannon

Frontier Exclusive

FrontierGen-Dual Blades 002 Render 001 HypnocDualStats

Official Videos

<youtube width="460" height="300">0MwOj1U6IR8</youtube>
Title MHFU: Hypnocatrice Introduction Video
by GSD993

Of course, you lucky, lucky basta- fortunate people who play Frontier, there's always Breeding Season Hypnocatrice and Silver Hypnocatrice to hunt. Or normal Hypnocatrice in the Desert, which is just weird.

FrontierGen-HC Breeding Season Hypnocatrice Render 001
FrontierGen-Silver Hypnocatrice Render 001

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