Welcome to Discussion of the Week: Volcanoes!

Yes, I've broken my admittedly already loose trend of Weapon -> Monsters -> Area -> Frontier. That'll keep you on your toes, etc.
Definitely has nothing to with the fact I forgot about this and am throwing this together quite quickly.
So, Volcanoes! Good ol' implausible habitat for basically anything.

Old Volcano

MH: Old Volcano Music Theme


Appeared in: MH, MHF, MHFU

Going to be honest - I don't like it very much. The interior cavernous areas are really big, bland and empty, whereas the outdoor bits have too much lava restricting movement. On the brightside, the Base Camp's really nice, and, erm, I think one of the areas looks suspiciously like the Battlefield.

Best Monster to hunt here?: Say what you like about Gravios, I believe he at least fits the Volcano quite well. He looks better there than in the Swamps, at any rate.


MHFU: Volcano Music Theme


Appeared in: MHF2, MHFU, MHFO

It's an improvement, I guess. The interior areas are still a bit too big and empty (Area 4, I'm looking at you) but some are better. Areas 3 and 7 aren't too bad. Even 6 is OK - although without the invisible walls every hunter who ever went there would surely have been knocked off the edge into the erupting lava plume - and Area 8 is a bit different at least, if there was even any point in going there.

Best Monster to hunt here?: Tempting to say Gravios again, but I'll put forward a slightly less predictable suggestion - Shogun Ceanataur. This area just seems to fit him in a weird way I can't quite put my finger on.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Burning Rock (Volcano intro)00:17

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - Burning Rock (Volcano intro)

Title MHFU: Burning Rock
Provided by GSD993

Volcano (3rd)

MH3: Volcano (3rd Gen) Music Theme


Appeared in: MH3, MHP3rd, MH3G

My favourite of the lot. I like how it manages to squeeze such variety into just one habitat; the low-lying grassy hills of Area 1 and 2, the water-filled basin of Area 4. Even in the Volcano interior there's lots of lava without it getting in your way all the time. Plus there's the cool wobbly bridge area near the top (even though it serves no practical purpose at all) and even the monster-rest area of 10 is fairly well done.

Best Monster to hunt here?: Uragaan or Agnaktor. How could it be any other?

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Province of Flame (Volcano intro)00:23

Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G - Province of Flame (Volcano intro)

Title MH3: Province of Flame
Provided by GSD993


  • Feel free to suggest your own 'Best monster to hunt here:'s.
  • The Tower 3 came back for Tri G, against most expectations. Which of these 3 areas would you most like to see again in a future MH game?
  • Which of these areas has the best Secret Area? Presuming the Old Volcano has a Secret Area, I'm not completely sure about that.

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