Welcome to Discussion of the Week: Swamps!

Sorry guys, it's been a really bad couple of days for me - IRL issues and all that - so I'm not feeling very inspired. But look on the bright side, we get this... unexciting DotW done once and for all!

Old Swamp

MH: Old Swamp Music Theme

Appeared in: MH, MHF, MHFU

Bleugh. I have come across worse looking areas in other video games, but in MH... it's just so drab. And grey. With thick fog that means you can't see crap, and a weirdly out-of-place wheat field, for some reason.
The one saving grace is that the caves here are awesome, I love the damp chilliness and the massive crystal formations growing everywhere.

Favourite monster to fight here?: Erm... maybe Khezu? I suppose it kind of fits the area... a bit.


MHFU: Swamp Music Theme

Appeared in: MH2, MHF2, MHFU, MHFO

I can't decide if I like this better or worse than the other Swamp. At least there's not a horrible fog hanging over everything, but the caves aren't quite as cool... they're a bit white and bland. And there's still a random wheat field!

Favourite monster to fight here?: I don't know... maybe Congalala. At least he has the fur to keep warm in this environment.

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - The Still Swamp (Swamp intro)00:26

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite - The Still Swamp (Swamp intro)

Title MHFU: The Still Swamp
by GSD993

Flooded Forest (?)

MH3: Flooded Forest Music Theme

Appeared in: MH3, MHP3, MH3G

Now this might be considered cheating - is this area a Swamp? Or a forest? Or a Jungle? That's for you to decide.
If you DO consider this a Swamp, you've got to agree it's the best by miles; nice lighting, a decent variety in its areas, actual underwater exploration... and it sounds like a small thing, but the water in Area 8 looks sensational. I'll stop gushing now.

Favourite monster to fight here?: Hm... I guess Gobul fits the area quite well. Maybe Rathian? Or even - let's go crazy - Deviljho?

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver00:18

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Ver. - Arboreal Paradise (Flooded Forest intro)

Title MHP3 HD: Arboreal Paradise
by GSD993


  • Which of these areas is your favourite? Feel free to disregard my undisguised hatred of them, by the way.
  • Do you think any should return in future MH games? If so, which ones?
  • Which are your favourite monsters to fight in each area?

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