Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Rare Species!

Bit of a big one this week, to make up for the absence last week (my bad). Let's take a look at some very special, very powerful monsters!

Silver Rathalos / Gold Rathian

MHP3-Silver Rathalos Render 001
MHP3-Gold Rathian Render 001

The first of the Rare Species, and one of the most well-known. Gold and Silver have been staples of the series for years, appearing in every single generation from 1 to 4. Certainly visually striking monsters, though I wish they didn't hang around the Tower quite so much (this is a recurring moan of mine that I may revist later, hint hint!).

Lucent Nargacuga

MH3U-Lucent Nargacuga Render 001

I like Lucent a lot. Fast, powerful, and poison seems like a natural fit on Nargacuga. Even the invisibility gimmick doesn't seem massively tacked on like it would be on Tigrex, for example - at least Nargacugas are known for being stealthy. Shame they just whacked it in an old Tower area, though.

Abyssal Lagiacrus

MH3U-Abyssal Lagiacrus Render 001

I'm very torn on this. On the one hand, this is a very cool-looking beast, black and electric blue, and the entirely underwater thing is different. On the other hand, no really new attacks (beyond bigger lightning blasts and suspiciously familiar whirlpools) and... did we really need 3 Lagiacrus Species? The bloody things are just everywhere.

Silver Hypnocatrice

FrontierGen-Silver Hypnocatrice Render 001

It's a Hypnoc on steroids, and rather impressive at that. The fast jumps and loads of powerful kicking attacks make him a least a little scary, and I like the colour scheme a lot. And even though it's in a special one-zone area, it's NOT at the Tower! An actual naturalistic one-zone special area. Pay attention, main-series developers.

Espinas Rare Species

FrontierGen-Espinas Rare Species Render 001

And just when I was commending them for creating something new...
Still, Rare Espinas seems like a good monster; it subverts the usual Espinas thing of being really passive, and the nuclear fireball attack is hugely impressive. Not convinced it's too massively different to Espinas Sub, though.

Molten Tigrex

MH4-Molten Tigrex Render 001

I'm not sure how I feel on this one. Again, I like the design and colour scheme, the slime/explosion thing kinda works... I guess... but it's very lazily whacked at the top of the Tower. Also, again, 3 Tigrexs? Overkill.


  • Which is your favourite?
  • Would you like to see more Rare Species in the future, or is having an original and a Sub more than enough?
  • Of the monsters that don't have a Rare Species, who deserves on the most? What should it be like?

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