Welcome to Discussion of the Week: Portable 3rd Bosses!

After a pause last week to get the excitement of Monster Hunter 4 out of our systems, it's business as usual this week. Let's take a look at some of the non-Subspecies bosses new to Monster Hunter Portable 3rd!

We did cover 3rd Generation Pelagii in another blog, so we won't go over those again.

Feel free to disregard my comments under each monster, and please supply your own in a comment.



Let's see - orange, poisonous, lives in Swamps and Volcanoes... hello Iodrome.2! That being said, although the concept is not so much borrowed from as it is pinned down and brutally robbed, this is actually a fairly cool monster. That's probably just because it uses the inherently cool Great Jaggi/Baggi skeleton, but the tail phalanges are cool, as is his big throat sac.



An desert-dwelling Leviathan with a really, really big mouth. Whilst I'm in favour of any monster that eats damn Rhenoplos, I'm not sure if I like this guy or not... the fight seems fairly unique but his design is a bit goofy, especially the eyes.



An interesting Brute Wyvern, I must admit. As a group they're very big on over-emphasised parts - Barroth has the huge head, Uragaan the huge chin, Deviljho the huge jaws, and Dobo has his club tail. It's always nice to see a vegetarian monster as well, makes the ecosystem marginally less lop-sided, and it makes Diablos feel less lonely.
Cool design on this guy, the moss is very nice.


MHP3-Zinogre Render 001

It's the poster boy! Wonderful monster, really; inspired design (based on a wolf, but ended up looking completely different, which shows tons of originality), smooth animations, fascinating Thunderbug gimmick - this guy's got it all. Maybe a bit to easy for some people's tastes, but hey, can't have everything.


2ndGen-Akantor Render 001
2ndGen-Ukanlos Render 001

Haha, just kidding. We're onto your recycling tricks, Capcom!



Well. He certainly divides opinion, if nothing else. Many are quick to call him a Leviathan cut'n'paste swimming in the air, but IMO there's more to him than that. Some cool unique attacks, for one, and a fascinating design. Oh, and a sensational soundtrack - when I first watched a gameplay video of this guy on Youtube, the music made me want - for the first time since Shadow of the Colossus - the Hunter to just spare him.

Anyway, feel free to dive in with your thoughts and interpretations in the comments below!

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