Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Piscine Wyverns!

Sorry it's very belated, I've explained the exceptional circumstances in last week's Carapaceon blog.

So on with the show!


2ndGen-Cephadrome Render 001

After all these years, I'm still not sure if I like Cephadrome or not. It's a nice concept, a big ol' sand fish with a weakness for loud sounds, and the design isn't bad either. The legs are a bit weird, but the fins are good, nice webbed feet and curved head, etc. But it's the blandest of the bland colour schemes and the actual fight is fairly dull, lots of chasing him all over the area until he's in Sonic Bomb range.

Plesioth/Green Plesioth

MH3U-Plesioth Render 001

What is it with Piscine Wyverns and Sonic Bombs?
Anyway, Plesioth has a great design, a slightly limited set of moves and is in my opinion a bit of a chore to fight. And let's not forget the 1st/2nd gen broken hitboxes. It's not even just the hipcheck, the tail swing and the swimming along the ground are all over the place. Plus Green Plesioth is a terrible Sub.

Love that you can use Frogs on Plessy, though.


2ndGen-Lavasioth Render 001

A good concept - a lava dwelling rocky Piscine Wyvern. Lavasioth has always reminded me a bit of a coelacanth for some reason, but it's also more fun to fight than the other Piscines. A bigger movepool helps - jumps, fireballs, tail slams, land swimming - and almost all weapons seem to work equally well here.


MH4-Delex Render 001

Suspiciously similar substitute for Cephalos, right?


FrontierGen-Aruganosu Render 001

First of all, it bugs me how they can somehow swim through the solid rock of the Tower - even for MH, that seems a little sloppy - but apart from that I quite like the sight of the chaotic, intense fight against these guys. Fighting them both at the same time helps, gives them the gimmick of combining attacks much better than, say, the Orugarons.

FrontierGen-Goruganosu Render 001


  • Which is your favourite?
  • Least favourite?
  • Want more Piscines in the future?
  • We know Cephadrome is back in MH4U, but is there any chance of seeing Lavasioth in future games?

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