Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Neopterons!

I'm fairly sure we haven't done this one already, and if we have, it was ages ago.



Do I really need to waste five minutes of your time explaining why Vespoids are bad? Though as it happens I think they have a fairly cool design. They'd be terrifying in real life, that's for sure...



They're like psychotic little grasshoppers, only more annoying and with no sense of self-preservation.

Great Thunderbug

2ndGen-Great Thunderbug Render 001

Well, a different idea; a swarm rather than an individual. Unfortunately it seems to make no difference, and they might as well be re-skinned Vespoids. Seriously, paralysis again?

Queen Vespoid

2ndGen-Vespoid Queen Render 001

A lovely design, but somewhat disappointing fight. It's the limited movepool that does it - basic overhead swoop, stab with stinger, or spray pheromones. It's just a bit... lacking. Surprisingly fun, though, for what it's worth. I do hate how you have to kill 20 Vespoids before the fight starts though - interesting idea, but way to much of an irritation and time-waste.


MH4-Bnahabra Render 001

As well as being impressible to write and pronounce, it's also fairly uninspired; very definitely just Vespoids but looking rather nicer. It's a cool touch that they're (slightly) different colours in different environments though. And they can cause Defense Down as well as Paralysis! Hooray!


MH4-Altaroth Render 001

The Hornetaurs of the third gen, and manage to be a bit more interesting with how they can eat different food sources and give different drops. Also their nests are pretty amusing, constantly knocked over by Diablos and suchlike.


MH4-Konchu Render 001

As is becoming a bit of a recurring theme, I like the design and concept. A sort of hyperaggressive woodlouse that can occaisionally cling onto monsters... it's not bad.


MH4-Seltas Render 001

I love MH4 for introducing new Neopteron bosses. Seltas is the first, and is alright; a little simple, maybe, but for an early game monster it's understandable.

Seltas Queen

MH4-Seltas Queen Render 001

Much more like it - a big, menacing, tank-like insect, capable of spraying water and pheromones. Love the co-operation mechanic with her mate, it's a nicely warped MH twist on some real-world biology.


  • Favourite Neopteron monster?
  • Want to see more or less in the future?
  • Any ideas for new Neopterons?
  • Why on Earth is Nerusukyura a Chelicerata and not a Neopteron? C'mon now Capcom.

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