Welcome to Discussion of the Week: Monster Hunter Frontier 10.0!

I know, I know, the blog title is a lie. It's actually for everything up to 10.0, but post 7.0. That's not as catchy!


New monster, new area! Well, new area in a loose sense; the Nest Hole is only really one new add-on to the Tower, but kinda cool nonetheless.


Dyuragaua is a bit of a divisive monster; lots of people think he looks quite goofy (the teeth always look ill-fitted to me) but lots of other people think it's a fearsome design (and I'll be the first to admit those huge orange claws are pretty impressive). He also has his own (pretty pointless) Status Element, Frostbite.

FrontierGen-Dyuragaua Render 001

Frontier 8.0 also introduced a new SR system, new moves for all weapons if you could unlock them, and Hardcore monsters! Personally I think Hard Core monsters were a great idea and I'd love to see it used in the main series. 8.0 introduced HC Congalala and HC Kut-Ku.


You know what Frontier really needed? More Subspecies! Although in fairness 8.5 introduced a great example of what a Subspecies should be: Doragyurosu!

FrontierGen-Doragyurosu Render 001


Proper new area! It's a gud'n, too. The Highland certainly looks pretty, and manages to be a fairly unique area in a series that relies pretty much on the old Desert, jungle, volcano staples. Plus the weather changes with time! Wonderful touch.


The local herbivores are Burukku and Erupe. Erupe respond to gestures, which again is a great touch.

FrontierGen-Erupe Render 001
FrontierGen-Burukku Render 001

9.0 also introduced us to an... interesting new monster. Gurenzeburu looks quite fierce, and that horn is snazzy. Also, his tail always seems ridiculously hard to cut off.

FrontierGen-Gurenzeburu Render 001

Hard Core Hypnocatrice, Daimyo Hermitaur and Pariapuria (lol) introduced as well.


Shockingly, no new monster! A first for a Frontier series update, and not something they've done again since.

However, it did introduce lots of touches that all added together to make Frontier a better game. All weapons got new moves (easier to select than the SR up gradable options from before, I believe).

A new arena was also revealed, the Moat Arena (Frontier)! Seemed to exist for the sole purpose of fighting Plesioth and any other amphibious monsters Capcom introduce in the future, but hey, Ballista guns improve any environment.

New Arena Area 3 MHFO

The list of Hard Core monsters introduced is extensive (and, impressively, they were actually all rather good HC monsters). Rajang, Dyuragaua, Chameleos, Yian Garuga, Espinas, Monoblos, Kirin and Shogun Ceanataur are all tougher than you've ever seen them.

And, finally, KO animations were added. Really, it's the little things that make life worth living.




  • Favourite monster? I know there's only two to choose from...
    • Favourite Hard Core monster?
  • What are your thoughts on the Highland?

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