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Discussion of the Week: Monster Hunter Frontier G

Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Monster Hunter Frontier G!

Another retrospective this week... although it isn't looking that far into the past.

Frontier G1

FrontierGen-Hyujikiki Render 003
FrontierGen-Xiang Tien Render 004

An absolutely huge update, and a pretty key one for the Frontier series. Not only do we get a pretty good new area, the Polar Sea but there's also a whole host of new monsters. Xiang Tien steals the limelight (and the CG videos) but I quite like Pokaradon - a sort of fairly traditional Leviathan that got lost at the North pole -and Farunokku (a little bit like Hypnocatrice but with much more electricity involved). And that's without mentioning the rather wonderful/slightly ridiculous Hyujikiki with all its brutal, fast paced attacks.

I almost forgot Midogaron, the teleporting fire-wolf - which isn't actually as exciting as that description makes it sound.

FrontierGen-Midogaron Render 002

Frontier G2

FrontierGen-Lolo Gougarf and Ray Gougarf Render 001

Considering I've been quite outspoken in my dislike of Rajang, was I ever going to get along with Gougarf? IMO they're fairly ugly designs and an over-the-top style-over-substance fight, but of course your mileage may vary.

FrontierGen-Anorupatisu Render 003
FrontierGen-Giaorugu Render 001

On the brightside the Polar Sea is fleshed out with Anorupatisu - the Flying Wyvern with a saw-like nose. Fight's OK, but it's a cool piece of design. Also introduced there is Giaorugu. I liked Abiorugu immensely, so the icy subspecies was welcome by me. Less exciting is Rebidiora - Rukodiora is one of my favourite Frontier monsters, but IMO Rebidiora doesn't really do enough differently. Last but not least, Disufiroa - either ridiculously cool or ridiculously ludicrous depending on who you ask - and Mi Ru (cool shifting crystal idea, at least).

Frontier G3

FrontierGen-Baruragaru Render 002

Baruragaru! I love the Leviathan class, and I love what Frontier's done with it. No flashy lazers, no world-exploding moves, just a really effective creepy design, a fun fight and some terrifying gimmicks. Who would have thought Frontier would introduce a monster that makes you feel sorry for the 'dromes?!

FrontierGen-Zerureusu Render 001

Then comes magical crystal Rathalos (or Zerureusu) - not really too sure what to make of this one. I kinda feel it's limited by being stuck to the clunky old 2nd gen Rathalos model, when we've all seen the 3rd/4th gen Raths look so much smoother and defined in their movement. Although I don't actually mind the flashiness too much on this monster.

Let's not forget G Rank Fatalis... I mean, it's kinda difficult to...

I'm not going to cover G Genuine because it's not out yet.


  • Favourite update as a whole?
  • Favourite monster introduced?
  • Least favourite new monster?
  • General comments on anything.

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