Welcome to Discussion of the Week: Monster Hunter Frontier 7.0!

Once again, the title is a whopping great lie. This blog is for everything in Frontier up to 7.0 (inclusive) (but post 4.0, because we covered up to 4.0 in an older blog).

Let's get started!


Pariapuria is introduced. A great big frog-esque monster; certainly unmistakable. And it does have an interesting idea going on with the meat-eating thing.

FrontierGen-Pariapuria Render 001

5.0 also introduced a new Mezoporta Square, Parone, and Pearl Hunter System, but I don't pretend to understand what most of those words mean.


Subspecies time! That didn't take long. Although as this is the 2nd Anniversary of Frontier Online, I think we can cut them some slack.

Espinas Rare Species was introduced to the Great Forest Peak. That poison fireball bomb... impressive stuff.


This is also when the Rasta system was introduced! For those of you that don't know, Rastas are essentially AI Hunters that can be taken on missions with you.


Ah, two new monsters this time, admittedly very similar ones; Kamu Orugaron and Nono Orugaron. The first monsters to ever really work in tandem with one another, I believe (Rathalos and Rathian not really being very cooperative).

Whatever you think of them, they're certainly pretty unique.

FrontierGen-HC Kamu Orugaron Render 001
FrontierGen-HC Nono Orugaron Render 001


OK, our MHFO page lists Yama Tsukami as being introduced at this point, but that seems a little hard to believe.

What was definitely introduced is the 'Skill Cuff' system (no, don't know what that is either) and the Solitude Island area!

And who should live there but... an entirely new Elder Dragon! And not just an Elder Dragon, but the largest monster in the entire MH series!

Of course, none other than Laviente!

FrontierGen-Laviente Render 002

What the hell, let's watch him in action.

Monster Hunter Frontier Online - Benchmark Video 303:01

Monster Hunter Frontier Online - Benchmark Video 3

Title Monster Hunter Frontier Online - Benchmark Video #3
Provided by Polantaris


  • Which is your favorite monster?
  • Any particular thoughts about the Solitude Island?
  • People who play Frontier; what are the Rastas like?
  • If you could take just one thing - monster, environment, feature - mentioned above and have it in the main series - what would it be?

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