Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week!

I'll be honest, I wasn't really sure what to do this week. I wanted to give everyone a chance to celebrate Christmas, but then I recalled that perhaps not everyone in our community is into that sort of thing, so I'd best make some tenuous Monster Hunter link regardless. So... um... Ice Element?

Notable Monsters


2ndGen-Giadrome and Giaprey Render 001

One of the first monsters I ever fought in MHF2, Giadrome couples a great design with not being to tough for a beginner. But why didn't it come back in MH4?!


2ndGen-Blangonga and Blango Render 001

It's big, white, furry... would it work as a Christmas tree decoration? Maybe not, actually, considering how aggressive it can be...
In all seriousness I quite like Blangonga as a monster - looks naturalistic, interesting fight, not as absurdly OTT as Rajang.

Glacial Agnaktor

Glacial Agnaktor Render

I love Agnaktor and I love the subspecies. The switching around of the armour gimmick is such a simple idea but so clever, and the design as a whole just... works.


3rdGen-Barioth Render 001

I like Barioth a lot - which is to say, more than Tigrex, but less than Nargacuga. Great design - a sort of feline polar bear thing going on - and the grippy wing claws is at least a cool idea.


2ndGen-Ukanlos Render 001

Hm... yeah... OK... I like Ukanlos a bit more than Akantor, but he's still a bit annoying and has a TON of HP. Seriously, he takes forever to bring down...


MH4-Zamtrios Render 001

A unique design - seriously, the Amphibians are great in MH4 - and though it borrows the ice armor trick from Glacial Agnaktor to some extent, it's still novel enough to be cool in this case.


Blango Destructor

It's a sword made of Ice, what ISN'T cool about that?!

Hi Frost Edge

A staple of the series, taking me back to my MHF2 days... ah... Anyway, it's very awesome looking and surpirisingly powerful. In Unite it does upgrade into Ice Fang but IMO that's not as good looking.

Daora's Sagittarii

2ndGen-Bow Render 009

All the Daora equipment should be on this list, but I chose this just for the looks. What a nice bow!


  • Favourite ice monster?
  • Favourite ice weapon?
  • Was Iceblight a good addition in 3rd Gen?
  • What would you add to improve the element in future games?

And to everyone on the Monster Hunter Wiki, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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