Welcome to Discussion of the Week: Longswords!

Not sure if it's Long Swords or Longswords. I'm willing to bet different games aren't consistent on it either!

2ndGen-Long Sword Equipment Render 001


Long Swords, often referred to simply as LS , are long, slender blades designed for elegant movements. They were first introduced in Monster Hunter 2 (there were Longsword-shaped weapons in the original Monster Hunter, but they were only cosmetically different to a normal Greatsword).Longsword users have a gauge that fills up with repeated attacks on monster (although it does drain quickly when not attacking). Once the gauge is full, all attacks become more powerful. The Spirit Combo attacks are also unlocked, and all attacks become less likely to bounce. However, the fragile nature of the blades means it is impossible to block with them.

In the third Generation games, completing a full Spirit Combo attack on a monster causes the gauge to change colour. It changes from white to yellow and finally to red; each colour causes attacks to become more powerful. However, when not attacking the colour will eventually revert to the previous one - only repeated Spirit Combo finishing attacks can keep the colour gauge full.

Specific Games

Monster Hunter: N/A Monster Hunter 2: Longswords are introduced, but I've no idea how powerful they are compared to other weapons in this game. Monster Hunter Freedom 2: Devil Slicer, Devil Slicer, Devil Slicer. That'll teach Tigrex!

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite: Fairly moderately powerful, especially some of the raw ones (C.Blangonga Destructor!)

Monster Hunter 3: I'm sure someone'll be along to correct me, but I think this is about as close to top-tier weapons as Longswords have come. Unfortunately most people use either Dark Claw Demise or the Deviljho LS, but I'd like to nominate the fan-designed LS as one of the best-looking.

I also find LS to be excellent underwater weapons in this game.
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd: Nothing very exciting to report, apart from the change in how the Spirit gauge works. It decreases visibly, and yellow isn't permanent this time (I believe). MH3 Ultimate: Erm... anything new to say here? Monster Hunter Frontier: Some very cool SR moves, has to be said, and they're as good at cutting tails as ever. I also swear blind I once saw on Youtube a Pariapuria LS shaped like a fishing rod that you could block with (no, not a Greatsword because the moves were different). I was very confused.


  • Favourite/Least Favourite?
  • How would you develop them in future games?
  • What games are they best in?

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