Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week: Jungles!

Now, we may have already done this one, but I searched and couldn't find it. So if we have done it, it was ages ago. Anyway...

Old Jungle

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Soundtrack - Jungle Battle!03:00

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite Soundtrack - Jungle Battle!

MH: Old Jungle Music Theme


The visibility. Dear God, the visibility.
It's actually a fairly interesting area, at least design wise; I like the crumbling ruins, the caves, the open clearing bit, the riversides. There's a great deal of variety going on. Unfortunately in some places the trees are so thick you can't see Nargacuga about to slam its tail on your head... and that's a problem.


MHFU: Jungle Music Theme


Quite possibly one of my favourite areas of all time. I love the bright sandy beaches, the trees and all the rest of it - it really feels like a tropical island. The caves are a little bland, but hey, I've seen worse.

Great Forest (Unite)

MHFU: Great Forest Battle Theme


Another one of my favourite areas. No visibility issues whatsoever, it's lovely and verdant. The area with the shallow pools is lovely, and the hollowed out centre of a giant tree - great touch.

Primeval Forest

MH4 Primeval Forest Music Theme

Primeval Forest

...It's OK. Obviously, being from the fourth generation there's more vertical components, which is good, and there is a fair amount of variety going on in all the different areas. There's nothing that really makes it stand out for me, however, apart from the giant skeleton hanging over everything. And a skeleton multiple times the size of Lao Shan Lung just raises more questions than it answers.


  • Which is your favourite?
    • Why?
  • How could Jungle areas be improved in future games?
  • Should any of these be brought back, revamped? If so, how?

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