Hello, and welcome back... To Discussion of the Week!

I thought I'd bring us back with something big. Something giant. Giant monsters, anyone?

First Generation

Lao Shan-Lung

A total titan of a monster, with a very nice design. In my opinion, however, it's let down by being the most boring fight in Monster Hunter. It just walks towards you, very slowly...

FrontierGen-Lao-Shan Lung Render 001

Second Generation

Shen Gaoren

2ndGen-Shen Gaoren Render 001

Certainy a novel idea; not a giant dragon, but a giant crab! Unfortunately, it has much the same problem as Lao-Shan Lung - it just walks forward very slowly. And it's even more annoying, because of the quake effect caused by its feet!

Yama Tsukami

2ndGen-Yama Tsukami Render 001

Now, this is more like it. A huge floating octopus, covered in moss and with bafflingly human teeth? Awesome! And best of all, it actually attacks the hunter! It's slow and ponderous, sure, but it's a step in the right direction.

Third Generation

Jhen Mohran

3rdGen-Jhen Mohran Render 001

Sort-of a throw-back to Lao, it's a long, winding monster. Much better concept though, swimming through an endless sea of sand, and being fought with all the boat weaponary, as well as being able to crawl all over him and smash the back... it's a much much better fight than Lao. A shame the Subspecies doesn't really try anything different.


3rdGen-Ceadeus Render 001

Again, you can see the link to Lao; at first it just moves forward slowly whilst being damaged, but when you get to the final area, something amazing happens... a full on battle with a giant glowing whale. Charges, water-blasts, horn thrusts, plus being able to use Dragonators and Ballista... I've always really enjoyed this fight.

Fourth Generation

Dah'ren Mohran

MH4-Dah'ren Mohran Render 001

I don't get it. It lives in the same area as Jhen, it has exactly the same ecological niche, it's fought in exactly the same way... it just has a different model. Please correct me if I'm missing something, but this just looks like a cheap Jhen Mohran knock-off to me.


MH4U-Dalamadur Render 001

Now, certainly unique and interesting concept. A titanic snake, crawling up the mountainside, capable of blasts of fire. I mean, I think the designers were certainly 'inspired' by Raviente, but it almost doesn't matter because it's such a cool idea in the first place. As I've not thought Dala myself, however, I don't want to pass too much judgement on how it feels to fight.

Give your thoughts and opinions on any or all of the above in the comments below!

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