Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Fire Element!

Something a bit different this week. One of the core concepts of Monster Hunter is elements... so let's look at one of them!

Notable Monsters

I'd be here all day if I listed every monster that used Fire Element, so I'll limit myself to just the most notable.


MH4-Rathalos Render 001

The first wyvern; without his enduring popularity Monster Hunter might never have got where it is today! And like all good dragons (yeah yeah, wyverns) it can breath fire. Though in exploding balls rather than a stream. Different, I guess.


MH4-Teostra Render 001

Fiery in a different way; this duo can breathe streams of flame, but also shoot out exploding powder, and have an actual aura of fire surrounding their bodies. Cool or what?


3rdGen-Agnaktor Render 001

Long term readers probably know I'm a big fan of Agnaktor; I just love the design, the lizard-like way of moving, the armor gimmick. And it breathes a solid stream of super-heated air! Totally nicked from Gravios, but Gravios is pretty bland, IMO...


FrontierGen-Abiorugu Render 001

A Frontier exclusive monster, this Brute Wyvern's physical attacks pack a lot of punch, but most some of his fire attacks are seriously impressive. Personally I love the move where he sweeps hunters into the air and dispels them with a fireblast from the mouth.


Again, just a quick run down.

Teostra Del Sol

2ndGen-Great Sword Render 025

Such a cool looking Greatsword. IIRC the Lavasioth one is better in Unite 'cause it has more raw, but still.

Red Bludgeon


Its a Rathalos head on a stick! That's everything I want from a Hammer!

Wyvern Blade 'Silver'


A Fire element weapon that isn't coloured red? Stop the presses! But seriously, I used this so much in Unite. A great Fire Longsword, that's for sure.


  • Is Fire one of your favourite MH elements?
  • Why/why not?
  • Was Fireblight a good addition in 3rd gen?
  • Favourite fire monster/weapon?
  • What would you add to improve the element in future games?

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