Hello, and welcome... to Discussion of the Week: Carapaceons!

If you have any ideas for other DotWs, post them in the comments.

Sorry for the unseemly delay after Neopterons, MH4's trailer stole some thunder and then last week... I think Andrew may have been devoured by wolves.


Daimyo Hermitaur/Plum Daimyo Hermitaur

2ndGen-Daimyo Hermitaur Render 001

I love the crabs, I really do. Original Daimyo is an excellent design and really fun to fight. Hitting the legs until he tumbles then smashing the head, or breaking the claws. Perhaps he's slightly too easy, but Plum Daimyo remedies that.

2ndGen-Plum Daimyo Hermitaur Render 001

Shogun Ceanataur/Terra Shogun Ceanataur

2ndGen-Shogun Ceanataur Render 001

Shogun Ceanataur might be one of my favourite monsters of all time. Vicious, sharp-looking design, aggressive fight, more difficult than Daimyo and again, just all-round great fun. He makes some excellent armor at almost all ranks as well, and Terra, whilst not being the best sub in the world, is still interesting and worthwhile.

2ndGen-Terra Shogun Ceanataur Render 001

Shen Gaoren

2ndGen-Shen Gaoren Render 001

Oh, and it was going so well. Glorious design (again), horrible, frustrating, boring fight (unless you bring a Bowgun in which case it's merely boring). Better than Lao, admittedly, but sawing off your own limbs with a rusty spoon is better than fighting Lao.

Akura Vashimu/Akura Jebia

FrontierGen-Akura Vashimu Render 001

One of the first Frontier exclusives and to be honest still one of my favourites. I love the scorpion-esque design, the clever use of crystals, how much stuff there is to break, and how it has loads of unique ideas, like the different colour blood, eating its own tail, and roaring (unique for a Carapaceon!).

FrontierGen-Akura Jebia Render 001

Taikun Zamuza

FrontierGen-Taikun Zamuza Render 002

Another Frontier exclusive. A great design - what is it about Carapaceons that brings out Capcom's best designers? I love how Hunters have to chip away at his different layers of armor, the in-quest cutscenes, how the last stage of the fight is totally different to the first. Just really good stuff.

Not going to cover Baelidae because it hasn't been in a released game yet.


  • Which is your favourite?
  • Least favourite?
  • Want more Carapaceons in the future?
  • Will the 'throwing darts at a list of names' policy bring Shogun back in MH4U?

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