Share your opinions on tThihe monsters you've fought so far in p3rd! (if you have it)


Yawn, easy and predictible. Somewhere between the difficulty of a Bulldrome and Congalala. Really just a practice monster.


Meh, better than Aoashira, attacks fast and has a few annoying attacks. Other than that pretty easy.


Better than the other monsters, more fun than cephy cos you can actually hit him half the time. Fights fair as well, unlike some monsters. Still fairly easy.


IDK if I spelt that right. Was not looking foward to this fight, from trailers he seemed highly irritating. Actually found him absurdly easy. got hit twice in the entire first batle. Quite fun actually.


Jaggi/Baggi clone with a new attack. Boooooring.


Woohoo! This guy is deserving of being the flagship monster. When he gets charged up... ouch! During my first battle with this guy he pizzowned me. Took me almost 20 minutes to win. I even fainted once, although that might have somthing to do with my Jaggi Armour... Yeah... Might make rangs since he's so easy...

So, I'd love to hear your opinions now!

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