Fun Fact: I started writing this in 2010. It is now 2011.

Anyway, sombody who's name escapes me (not very good with names here) recently posted an idea for a monster hunter game, I was reading it and it has inspired me to create my own. Although I was always intending to do this anyway, that idea made me hurry up to get writing faster.

Doing this at my Own Pace. Whenever I feel like it. Highschool takes up a lot of time. Also, new things will be at THE TOP. Remember that.

Weapon Upgrade System

Hmmm.... might not work. This might get edited a bit if I screw up the tables (LOL LIEK DAT WUD EVAH HAPON)

This is a basic chart, showing the Basic path for lances from Phase 1 to 4

Version upgrade alows you to alocate points to Sharpness, Attack, Element, and Affinity. Weapon Upgrade upgrades the weapon, adds on or removes a certain amount of those stats, and then lets you upgrade the next version of the weapon. This basic, and will be updated soon with more weapons.

Weapon Version Weapon Element Weapon Upgrade
Haiskukku Lance NONE N/A
|→Haiskukku Lance V2 NONE N/A
|------ └→Haiskukku Lance V3 NONE N/A
|----------- └→ Haiskukku Lance V4 NONE Haiskukku Lance+
|→ Soldier Lance NONE Knight's Lance
|------ └→ Soldiers Lance V2 NONE Fearsome Lance
|----------- └→Soldiers Lance V3 NONE Fearsome Lance V2
|→ Battle Needle Stamina 11 Dual Needle, Toxin Needle

Aifukingu (Aikumin)

Class: Pelagus

Element: Ice

Minon: Aifu

Description: A large wolf monster that roams the tundra. They are rarely sighted and investigations about there lifestyles have all proven fruitless. It appears as a wolf similar to one in real life but much larger. It has a soft blue tinge to its white fur. In rage mode it huffs frozen breath and red markings appear on its face..

Tsusadom (Tsuian)

Class: Leviathan

Element: Poison

Minion: Tsuia

Description: A muscular lizzard-like monster that lives in swamps. It has thick grey skin that covers its body which defends it against predators. It can use its tail to lash out at enemies and spits poison when threatened.


Class: Wyvern

Element: Raw

Description: Large Wyverns that live in forests and jungles. Known for being increibly violent. However, they are simply highly territorial and are herbivourous. Any other monsters that wander into its territory are viscously attacked immideately. Some have even compared it to Deviljho. Despite being herbivorus, they have hundreds of incrediblely sharp teeth, this iis due to the fact that their main diet, Wadweed, has a texture simmilar to that of meat.


Class: Elder Dragon

Element" Dragon/Fire

Description: Ominous Dragons that are rarely sighted. Large black spines run down its back to the tip of its tail and 3 large spikes perch upon its head. It has blackish red skin. Its Roar is said to drain souls.

Kao Adarna

Class: Predator Beast

Element: Fatigue (Fatigue weapons drain stamina faster than normal)

Description: Grey tiger monsters covered in mysterious golden armour. The metal is too well made to be natural, and no human could craft so fine details. They use their strong powers to destroy the stamina of thier enimies, and then move in for the kill. They are also extremely vicious, and will attack all targets violently, although they seem to have a strong hatred for anything Scarlet...

NOTE: Arena Only.

--- Kaojuua and Fenjuua ---

Class: Wyvern/Wyvern

Element: Lightning/Fire

Descrpition: Known as Sharp Dagger and Iron Wall respectively, these monsters are considered low level threats by themselves, but when they join together the guild will pay enormous amounts for their deaths. Kaojuua is a small female wyvern, with a large horn capable of conducting lightning. Fenjuua is a larger, slower wyvern with fire element attacks. While they share little in common, they will form the most devestating team together.


Class: Predator Beast

Element: Raw

Description: An early boss, Predator Beasts are long, short animals that attack from the front and mainly use melee attacks, rather than elemental. Furu attacks slowly, but hits hard, and is designed to teach about dodging and guarding. Minion is Ruirpa

Okay, more monsters will come soon, now for returning monsters and subs

BTW * = Harcore, this means that it is a difficult quest unlocked by hunting Diaz Nomutsu. They make easy bosses into very difficult bosses. Diaz Nomutsu unlocks HC 1*, clearing all HC quests at that level unlocks HC 2*, clearing those unlocks bonus quests. No new monsters or monsters with subs are in HC. Only old ones with no subs. Also, after completing the HC quest with that monster, they will appear at G Rank quest list,


Class: Bird Wyvern

Element: Stench

Cradocian (Cradoc)

Class: Capraceon

Element: Water

Yorgoizok (Yoizok)

Class: Phibia

Element: Poison


Class: Piscene

Element: Water Fenzima

Class: Wyvern

Element: Ice

Name Subspecies/Notes
Yian Kut Ku Blue Yian Kut Ku
Rathalos Silver Rathalos
Rathian Gold Rathian
Diablos Black Diablos
Gravios Black Gravios
Plesioth <3 None *
Gypceros None *
Basarios None *
Monoblos White Monoblos
Khezu None *
Kirin Elder Dragon
Yian Garuga None *
Fatalis Crimson and White Fatalises, Elder Dragon
Name Subspecies/Notes
Bulldrome Kardrome
Tigrex Black Tigrex
Congalala Emerald Congalala
Blangonga Copper Blangonga
Dayimo Hermitaur Plum Dayimo Hermitaur
Shogun Ceanataur Terra Shogun Cen.
Rajang Gold Rajang
Akantor None *
Teostra Elder Dragon
Kushula Daora Elder Dragon
Chameleos Elder Dragon

Name Subspecies/Notes
Nargacuga Green Nargacuga
Ukanlos None *
Yamatsukami Elder Dragon
Great Jaggi G.Baggi/Froggi
Qurupeco Crimson Qurupeco
Royal Ludroth Purple Royal Ludroth
Barroth Ice Barroth
Gigginox Thunder Gigginox
Barioth Sand Barioth
Gobul Blood Gobul
Lagiacrus Black Lagiacrus
Agnaktor Ice Agnaktor
Uragaan Uragaan Subspecies (lol idk what colour it is)
Deviljho None *
Jhen Mohran Elder Dragon
Ceadeus Elder Dragon
Alatreon Elder Dragon
Aoashira/Urukususu/Rangu None
Hapurubokwhatshisname Purple Hapurubokwhatshisname
Jinouga Red Jinouga
Doboberuku Black Doboberuku
Amatsugatchi Elder Dragon

TOTAL RETURNING (Not including subs): 41

Phase Dos

Haisukku Village

Haisukku village serves as the hub for the offline portion of the game, It's a mountain village, like pokke but minus the snow. The village chief is a young man, who took over when Azia Kotoksu destroyed the north summit, killing a guild expedition team, which the old village chief was guiding. Alongside Kotoksu, who had been causing problems nearby, the land is also under attack from Diaz Nomutsu and Hao Fen Rui. Rui lives in a giant canyon full of trees, and Diaz roams around the great desert.

The item shop is just outside of your house, which is the northenmost part of the village, a felyne runs this. Heading down a path there is a young wyverian lady who crafts weapons, her husband sells them. The path splits into two here, on one side a man with a tophat sits on a log, this is the man who sells farm upgrades. Behind him is the farm. The other path leads to the village chief, who sits on a large rock. He says rather depressing things until the 4* urgent, where he begins to lighten up. The guild hall is located behind your housse, although you must clear the 2* urgent to gain access.

Without further ado, the quests! (* is required for urgent)

Name Goal Area
Gather the Mountain Herbs!* 5 Mountain Herbs Roughlands
Shiny! 3 Shiny Stone Roughlands
Beneath the Surface 3 Armorbug Roughlands
Hunt the Mountain Rats* 3 Ruirpta Roughlands
Bull Assault* 5 Bullfango Roughlands
Runaway! (URGENT QUEST) Bulldrome Roughlands

Name Goal Area
Harvest Tour: Roughlands Paw Pass Roughlands
Harvest Tour: Rainforest Paw Pass Rainforest
Harvest Tour: Senic Land Paw Pass Senic Land
Exterminate the Pests! 5 Ruirpta* Roughlands
Runaway! Bulldrome Roughlands
The Great Jaggi Appears! Great Jaggi* Roughlands
Pack Attack! 3 Jaggi, 1 Jaggia Roughlands
Secrets in the Roughlands! 1 Rare Fish! Roughlands
Cruor Voluntas 10 Mountain Herb* Roughlands
Secrets in the Rainforest! Discover 1 Hidden Cave! Rainforest
No Love for Ludroth 5 Ludroth* Rainforest
The Miner's Tale 6 Silver Shards* Rainforest
Lord of the Pack Great Jaggi Rainforest
Deja Vu 6 Special Mushrooms* Senic Land
Bullfango Extermination 8 Bullfango Senic Land
Disturbing the Peace Bulldrome Senic Land
Lord of Nothing (URGENT) Ruirapato Roughlands

Name Goal Area
Harvest Tour: Dunes Paw Pass Dunes
Harvest Tour: The Murk Paw Pass The Murk
Lord of Nothing Ruirapato Roughlands
Twin Terror 2 Bulldrome Roughlands
Secuda: The Reclusive Fish Secuda* Roughlands
Angry Bird Yian Kut Ku* Roughlands
Honey Thief Aoashira* Rainforest
Swarm Assault 20 Bnahabra* Rainforest
Secrets in the Senic Land! Find the Blue Statue! Senic Land
Weekend Fisherman 2 Goldenfish Senic Land
An Old Friend Yian Kut Ku Senic Land
Secrets in the Dunes Find the Secret Passage! Dunes
Desert Rat Ruirapato Dunes
Unfavorable Odds [BONUS]-[6*] Hunt Tigrex Dunes
Revenge of the Pack! 10 Jaggi, 3 Jaggia Dunes
The Venomous Froggi! 10 Froggi The Murk
Conga-Conga-Conga! 8 Conga* The Murk
Foul Play (URGENT) Seikoz Roughlands

Name Goal Area
Harvest Tour: Snowfields Paw Pass Snowfields
Harvest Tour: Cavern Paw Pass Cavern
Harvest Tour: Volcanic Tunnels Paw Pass Volcanic Tunnels
Foul Play Seikoz Roughlands
Pack's Last Attack 20 Jaggi, 6 Jaggia Roughlands
An Unbearable Stench Seikoz Rainforest
Queen of the Jungle! Rathian* Rainforest
Mimic of the Jungle! Qurupeco Rainforest
The Iron Plated Boar Kardrome* Senic Land
Trickster! Qurupeco* Dunes
Giant Enemy Crab! Dayimo Hermitaur* Dunes
Secrets in The Murk! 3 Mysterious Coin The Murk
Lord of the Ludroth! Royal Ludroth* The Murk
The Monkey Menace Congalala The Murk
Lullaby Great Baggi Snowfields
Counting Wyverns 10 Baggi* Snowfields
Cold Cross Bunny Urukususu Snowfields
Volcanic Tunnels
Beauty in Death (Urgent) Aizukta Roughlands
Earth's Might Repel Fen-Shen Rui King's Canyon


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