Okay I'm not really sure how this will all turn out but I'm going to give it a go. This is based on my idea for a Cave System map.This will be much bigger than that cave however. The area is completely different but the monsters are the same. I've written three of the main points I have on a sheet of paper. I'll try and update each day. I also apologise for any bad spelling. The microsoft word spellcheck is all I have and it's actinging up. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Minegarde. The land of hunters. All the people in this land, from the lowliest peasant to the most powerful king, owe their lives to these brave warriors. Every day hunters all across Minegarde risk their lives for fame, glory, and zenny. They hunt everywhere, the lush forests, the cruel deserts, the frigid mountains, and the fiery volcanos. But there are some places that are hidden in Minegarde, some places that no one has ever been. All kinds of foul monsters lie in these places, monsters no one has ever heard of. But in a distant corner of Minegarde, a region known as Halorn, one of these areas is about to be unsealed...

"Hyaaaa!" yelled Matthew Koda as he thrusted his lance into the neck of the Rathalos. At the same time his brother Andrew delivered a crushing blow to its head and his sister Megaan unleashed a flurry of slashes on its tail with her longsword. The beast was dazed briefly but countered with a wave of scorching flame that would have incinerated Andrew had Matthew not put his shield up to guard them. Immediately after, Matthew struck out at the fire wyvern with three strikes from his lance. At the same time Megaan severed its tail, causing the beast to stagger, which in turn gave Andrew enough time to crush its head with his hammer. The beast roared and fell over, stunned. Matthew quickly struck out at the Rathalos, creating a large wound on its stomach. The pain grew too much for the King of the Skies, and it let out one soft roar before shutting its eyes for the last time. Matthew couldn't wait to get home to a nice hot meal. After two weeks in the wilderness of Halorn eating nothing but barley cooked meat and herbs that didn't look particularly safe but Andrew insisted were, he couldn't wait to get home. "So, guys? " Megaan asked. "Get anything good from that Rathalos?' "Not really." Matthew responded. "I got 47 Plates and 112 Rubies." Andrew said sarcasticly. "Nothing then?" "Pretty much" they said at the same time. After that they trudged on in silence, the week had gone fairly well, with seven monsters slain. But apart from a Lagiacrus Sapphire, they hadn't got anything of value. Matthew wasn't particularly happy - He had had dreams of coming home with jewels and horns of rare and powerful creatures. Instead all they had got was a Lagiacrus Sapphire, and they weren't too rare. Andrew was angry at every single Barroth in Minegarde as one had made a large dent in his Rathalos Armour. Megaan was happy just to have been allowed to go with them. Their father - Robert - was opposed to her becoming a hunter. So when he had let her go she had hugged him so hard he had nearly exploded. After another hour walking, Matthew could see the familiar thatched roof that covered their house and farm. They walked up the path towards the door, which brought back hundreds of memories for Matthew. It was something that always happened when he came home after a hunt. They opened the door and walked into the kitchen. Their mother Alicia always insisted that they just get something to eat first after a hunt. She knew how hard it could be - She herself had been a hunter once. The delicious smell of food wafted through the air. "Hiya, nya!" said their mother's felyne, Ginko. "I got you Kirin Cheese and Bigmeat, nya! Will that be okay?" "Sure thing Ginko! said Megaan, with a wide grin on her face. "You rule Ginko!" said Andrew. "I know, I know!" laughed Ginko. "Now, eat up." After dinner was finished and Ginko was washing up, they walked towards their mother's room. She had an illness that prevented her from moving but the healer thought she would make a recovery within a few months. As they entered she didn't say anything but looked up at them and smiled. "Well. We're home." said Andrew. "Did it go well?" Alicia asked. "Sort of." Said Matthew. "We did kill a lot of monsters but we didn't get much loot from them. They were pretty mangled" "Always next time then." She said. "Yeah. Always next time." Mumbled Andrew. After talking to their mother for a few more minutes she began to grow tired so they walked up the stairs to their own rooms. "Mam seems worse than she was before we left." Said Megaan. "What if the healer's wrong and it's worse than it seems?" Don't worry!" Said Andrew. "She'll be fine." As Matthew walked into his room he didn't even bother taking his armour off. Barioth was comfortable enough to sleep in. He just lay down on his bed and drifted right off to sleep.

Matthew had just fallen deep into sleep when he woke up. Apart from a loud noise in the distance nothing seemed wrong. Even so he picked up his lance, Sabertooth G, and got out of bed. The second his foot touched the floor was when he realized that the noise seemed to be getting closer. "What is it?" He thought. Suddenly, a shockwave of energy blasted through the room, destroying everything instantly. He thought briefly of Alica but remembered that she slept on the ground floor, which was made out of stone and would be much more sturdy unlike this floor which had been built out of wood on top of the first floor. But Andrew and Megaan were both on this floor! The shaking was intense. "A wyvern's roar has nothing on this!" He thought. But suddenly, as soon as it had started, the shaking stopped. Matthew ran straight to Megaan's room, but, as there was a lot of mess, it took him several minutes. So long in fact, that by the time he got there she was already dressed in her armour. "Took you long enough." She said. "We need to make sure Andrew's all right." He said. "Okay." She responded. As they aproached Andrew's room they saw somthing terrible, the whole room had fallen off and been smashed to pieces. "I'm sure he'll be all right." Whispered Megaan. But she didn't sound sure and from Mattthew's point of view it didn't look good at all. Megaan quickly climbed down the ruined side of the house and down into the rubble as Mathew followed. They searched for five minutes but there wasn't much rubble to look under and they had soon covered all of the ground near the rubble. "He's not here..." said Megaan, trying to hold back tears. "Yeah..." Matthew said. Suddenly, they heard a yell from across the hill. "Over here!" Andrew was limping over the hill towards them. They ran towards him, he looked short of breath and deathly pale. "I..I wen-" And with that, he fainted.

They dragged his body into the sitting room beside the kitchen and put him on the couch. Their father, Robert said that he was fine and would be fine in a few hours. As they waited for Andrew to recover, Matthew noticed several odd things about Andrew. First of all, he was dressed in full armour, that was obvious, but looking at his face, Matthew could see bite marks simmilar to that of a Baggi or Jaggi. That was disturbing as never in his life had he seen a Jaggi or a Baggi within 10 miles of the house. Upon closer inspection of the bites he fiound that there was somthing gungy in them. He called his father over to have a look. His father said somthing that he couldn't make out and Megaan was saying somthing as well. Suddenly the room was full of bugs and there was a Rathalos as well. And with that he too fainted.

"Wake up!" Andrew was shaking him. "Wake up! Ugh, damnit!" "Great, great, you're better. No need to shout though." Said Matthew. "Better?" Snorted Andrew. "I haven't been sick!" "You were coming over that hill limp-" It was then that Matthew realized that Andrew wasn't in his armour anymore. "The house is pretty bad and there's somthing weird going on down at the hill." Andrew said. "And all this snow is from the quake. It must have been knocked off Mt. Ezyga."But your was ruined." Matthew said. Andrew laughed "My room is fine. Yours however is not." He pointed to some rubble. You fell a long way. Dad says it's too dangerous to move you but I think you'll be fine, come on." Andrew held out a hand to Matthew. "I'm fine." Said Matthew. The second they entered the house Matthew began feeling queasy again. "Sit down." Andrew told him firmly. Matthew did as he was told. Then there was darkness.

When he woke it was about midday and his headache had vanished, he stood up and looked around, he was still in the main room and in his armour but nobody else was around. He went and asked Ginko where everyone was. "Down by the hill nya. Said they were going to be there for a while nya. I'm going down there now. Want to come nya?" "Sure!" said Matthew. The land surounding the hill had completely changed in the earthquake. Trees and rocks he had used to play on as a child had completely vanished. "Sure was strong nya." "Yeah..." Mumbled Matthew. The snow was incredibly and covered the ground completely. It was then that he realized what must have happened. He remembered the whole room being torn apart completely in the first shockwave. "Everything after that must have been a dream!" He thought. "Look nya! There they are!" Ginko was pointing at some figures in the distance. Matthew ran to them as fast as he could. "Hey Matthew!" Said Megaan. "Dad thinks there might be somthing down here." Ginko and Matthew ran over to them. "Hey." Andrew said. "We were going to bring you but dad said to leave you there. Sorry." "No problem!" Said Matthew. Andrew opened his mouth as if to say somthing but it was drowned out by a sound Matthew had heard before. The rumble of an earthquake filled the air, drowning out all other sounds. Suddenly the ground beneath Matthew's feet gave way and he was falling into a pit.

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