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    January 17, 2011 by Littlemilton

    This is what I've been doing on christmas, a poem! because I'm spanish, it is n spanish, hope you like it, oh and if anyone dares to touch the content or distribute it with out permission... Well you will know if you do it and I hope you don't, well, now enjoy (it's not finished):

    Realmente no importa,

    si digo y quedo a gusto.

    Mis palabras son de iluso,

    más tu gusto, de obtuso.

    Te puedo emocionar,

    pero no hacerte pensar.

    Tu mente está en otra parte,

    tu amor, en la obscuridad.

    Pues dices que estás acabado,

    el sentimiento,

    y te sientes atado,

    el pensamiento,

    y los sabios no tienen conocimiento,

    de como se siente en ese estado,

    de, como ladrillo, estar atontado.

    Déjame contarte un cuento,

    en épico cantar de gesta,

    sobre un héroe que no invento,

    que acumuló cono…

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  • Littlemilton

    This is my first time... writing a fanfic (lol very bad joke), and I hope you like it, please coment, also I don't have ownership of any of the songs and videos that I'm going to put on this fanffic, I don't have ownership on any of the characters and monsters of Monster Hunter Orage that I'm going to use

    Down here it's the list of people that deserve credit and why they deserve it:

    No one right now. May change.

    Well, lets start:

    Chapter one: Tears for a meaningless life:

    chapter one main theme

    Abel laid down in the burning floor, he was seriously injured with long and deep cuts all around his body that bleed slowly but without stoping, his ribs had been broken, his shoulder bones had been reduced to dust and the rest of the arm presented freez…

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