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  • Liam=kutkumonster

    in the new monster hunter game that is comin out later this year (in england) i was

    hoping there would be a new weopan

    im not sure if there is 1 but i thought a lazer would be cool

    also ur cats can choose weopans in this game witch i thought was quite cool

    but some of the monsters are just like animals witch i thought was cool but i wanted more imagination

    plz could som1 tell me the exact relese date for the new game

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  • Liam=kutkumonster


    April 8, 2010 by Liam=kutkumonster

    there are some combos in the back of the combo list

    that u cant do with out alchemy

    u will also need all 5 combo books

    this is what u could buy For an easy armor set that will give you the skill: Green Pants (+2 Alchemy) Giaprey Tasset ( Torso Inc, or double the torso value) Leather Vambraces (+2 Alchemy) Bone Mail (+2 Alchemy, which doubles to +4 because of the tasset) Bone Helm (+3 Alchemy)

    You only need 10 points to activate the alchemy skill.

    please coment if helpfull

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  • Liam=kutkumonster


    April 4, 2010 by Liam=kutkumonster

    hi this is me liam=kutkumonster im here asking for what is the best weopen against the yamastukamai i have beaten it

    but i would just like to no p.s i preorded the new monster hunter tri limited eddition box chest with controllers and stuff hope you reply and stuff

    p.sss bye lol

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