• Leofas725

    ‎6/11/2012: Overview

    I've hunted down quite a few creatures for the village now. I've killed quite a few Great Jaggi and Aoshira as well as a few weaker subspecies. I've received a request to hunt a bulldrome.

    ‎6/11/2012: A terryfing Roar

    I was asked to slay a bulldrome, the creature itself was no problem and it fell quickly to my Chain Blade, however, as I prepared to return to the village I heard an ear shattering roar. It was all too familiar. Jinouga. The creature was huge, bigger than anything I had fought before. I tried to fight it but it was too fast and my armor and weapons too weak, I barely escaped with my life.

    Quest: No Love for Ludroth

    The Objective was to slay 5 Ludroth. The mission was finished quickly.

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