Thanks to cata5troph3 for letting me use his azuriade in this story thanks again

00.0% ratholos will eat fruit

70.0%the world will be destroyed by a tunneling horror

99.9%you will not go down in history

00.1%you are a legend

Its been 5 years since the great showdown between Fatalis,Akantor and Ukanlos, the hunters stopped they advances and destroyed them. But this has risen a disturbing reverlation new monsters have apperead and destroying are hunters...The group called 'The movement' a special a special band of warriors, Who are mostly rookies and some more experianced soldiers but some...will perish by the digger...Forest & Hills have been terrorised by monsters for years but never really destoyed, now a group of 5 warriors are running from a loud screech of violence


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