Time for fight number 2 Ratholos Vs Yian G this hearty dragons are not to be made fun of for their both known for their deadly toxcin and thier bad tempers

First Ratholos this king of wyverns is an ultimate bad guy with his fiery temper and his fly around the map in say 2 mins. He was the front cover of monster hunter 1 and urgent quest level **** he was first enconted in the 1 egg delivery for rookie hunters, he is a god!

Second Yian g was first enconted in monster hunter 1 as a special quest on offline quests strangely like elder dragons next time you face him he is still damaged? But for fans hopeing to fight it in mhf2 he became a minor boss and he has no elment weakness! He is a totally painin the back but Extreamly cool

So cast your votes and i will count up the victor.

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