This blog will focus on who is the powerfullest monster this week Gendrome Vs Velicodrome!

Now both of this raptors are both powerful in diffrent ways First Velicodome, this blue menace is the king of the veliceprey and has its own opening (apart from Giadrome) its leadership is great and powerfull, its also a major enemy in monster hunter 1 the first real boss urgent star * its also very beautiful with its Red Talons and Blue body...

Second Gendrome, this desert jumping ruler is king of genprey! Its not a major boss but is pretty awsome if i don't mind saying, its yellow,greenish and a little orange canivore is the 2nd best out of the prey family and strongest although it has no movie with it its a pretty good boss if no one minds me saying its a king in other words!

So if you have anything to say about this fight and i will add up the scores of your commentsto see whos victor

P.S need other fight suggestions

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