Ever wanted to kill a Basarios but just simply can't? Well my firend I am just going to tell you how to kill a Basarios in no time.

MHF2-Basarios Render 001

First we will start with its basics and weaknesses.

Weakness : Dragon

Type : Wyvern

Element : fire

Weak Spot : belly

Sign of Weakness : limping

now fist of all, you will need a dragon element weapon like "Double dragon" and "fire dragonsword".

Good ones to use if you are a beginner are "Black Twin Daggers" or other items that you use to make with dark pieces and stones.

The best armor to use is a good dragon and fire resistance armor like "Khezu D Armor" or "Yian Garuga Armor". The decorations you would need are:

Razor jewels, Attack jewels or Earplug jewels (any of those jewels will do).

The item you will need:

10 potions

10 mega potions

20 whetstones

shock trap

2 trap tools

3 genprey fangs

well done steak

5 cool drinks(none if in swamp area)

power juice(recommended if using dual blades or hammer)

power charm

armor charm

10 power seeds

10 armor seeds

3 psychoserum

Now if you cut of its tail you can get a carve of the tail(carve tail when safe)

Now go out there and kick some Basarios butt

P.S. use a sharp weapon if recommended :P

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