• Kurtisayr

    Rathalos Ruby help

    October 13, 2010 by Kurtisayr

    I've had lots of problems trying to get a "Rathalos ruby", I have even killed a silver los 30 times or something....and what happens? Still no frikin' ruby. Any ideas to help me get one?? I know one idea, which is to get the blue guild i can carve the tail twice....but thats the only idea i've got!

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  • Kurtisayr

    Basarios Tutorial

    February 5, 2010 by Kurtisayr

    Ever wanted to kill a Basarios but just simply can't? Well my firend I am just going to tell you how to kill a Basarios in no time.

    First we will start with its basics and weaknesses.

    Weakness : Dragon

    Type : Wyvern

    Element : fire

    Weak Spot : belly

    Sign of Weakness : limping

    now fist of all, you will need a dragon element weapon like "Double dragon" and "fire dragonsword".

    Good ones to use if you are a beginner are "Black Twin Daggers" or other items that you use to make with dark pieces and stones.

    The best armor to use is a good dragon and fire resistance armor like "Khezu D Armor" or "Yian Garuga Armor". The decorations you would need are:

    Razor jewels, Attack jewels or Earplug jewels (any of those jewels will do).

    The item you will need:

    10 potion…

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