MH4U is heading to NA/EU! Which new weapon type are you most excited about?

The poll was created at 23:43 on January 27, 2014, and so far 1427 people voted.

MH4-Charge Blade Equipment Render 001 MH4-Insect Glaive Equipment Render 001
Charge Blade Insect Glaive

Charge Blade

A new weapon introduced in the fourth generation of Monster Hunter. This weapon is very similar to the Switch Axe with its ability to switch between two different weapon modes; the Sword Mode and the Axe Mode. Both modes are capable of unleashing powerful charge attacks after the hunter scores enough hits. A phial located on the hilt will glow yellow after the minimum requirement of attacks has been met, when it starts glowing yellow the user can perform a charged attack. This can be taken to a higher level by attacking more to change it to a red glow, for a maximum damage charge attack. Without sword energy, it will simply overheat and your charge attacks will have a chance of not hitting.

Insect Glaive

A new weapon introduced in the fourth generation of Monster Hunter. This double-ended rod is capable of quick, fluid attacks (similar to the the Long Sword) and allows the hunter to jump at any time in a pole vaulting fashion. The rod is also capable of summoning a Neopteron to attack monsters. The hunter can either freely send out the Neopteron in a direct flight, or first shoot out a pheromone bullet on the target that would work as a "lock on", which allows the insect to homes in. When the Neopteron successfully hits an enemy, it will drain out an "essence" which varies in color and atrribute, depending on which part of the monster it hits, which can be used to power up the hunter when the Neopteron is called back. The Neopteron is always found clinging on the right arm of the hunter when it's not attacking.

For more information on Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, check out the wiki's page on MH4U and the associated blog page.

Feel free to comment on your choice below, as well as discuss the choices other people have made!

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