With a New Year comes new changes, and myself and other Staff feel it's time to remove two problematic Bureaucrats. Community Central has advised me to hold a Community vote to determine what will happen to these two. This post will be up for one week, or until Community Central has decided.

User:GeneStarwind has been inactive practically since he returned from a hiatus and we gave him his old position back. It has now been almost a year since he actually contributed. While Gene has always been a great asset to this Wiki, his personal life prevents him from being able to contribute. I propose he be demoted to normal User status.

User:Artemis Paradox is a more complicated situation. This is not the first time reports have been filed on him. Artemis Paradox has been a problem on the MH Wiki for quite some time; his behavior towards other members is horrible, he abuses his moderator powers in chat often, and seems to have no real interest in contributing to the Wiki at the Bureaucrat capacity. Due to his behavior, previous staff members have left the Wiki. I believe he behaves poorly due to his user rights as a Bureaucrat, since he cannot be demoted at will.

While he has contributed some this year, his contributions have been few and he doesn't show the same dedication as the other Users and Staff. He frequently argues with others when changes are made on anything he's worked on and the resulting edit wars are tiring. I already have a User that has taken over some of his previous duties and they have shown a much more committed level of dedication towards completing our Wiki. Artemis Paradox is also very out of touch when it comes to the going-ons of the Wiki and I feel he no longer cares about it. He has even outright turned down doing any work when asked to. I propose he be demoted to normal User status.

Please comment "Aye" or "Nay" in favor of EACH PROPOSAL, ie: GeneStarwind, Aye. Artemis Paradox, Nay. Feel free to leave any comments or reasoning behind your decisions with your vote if you like. Thank you for your time, and I appreciate the Community working together to better the Monster Hunter Wiki for everyone.

I will keep a tally of the votes here as well;

User:GeneStarwind Demotion:
Aye: 23
Nay: 0

User:Artemis Paradox Demotion:
Aye: 21 CLOSED
Nay: 0

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