The newest Investors Relations report from Capcom Japan has a few interesting bits. Reminder, this is just translated for investors, so the news is ONLY for Japan.

I'll touch on the stuff concerning Monster Hunter.

This is for the Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2017

Digital Contents Strategic Objectives and Plan (1)

Here is already where they get confusing with their wording. They mention "Expand lineup of new titles world-wide" and mention Monster Hunter Stories under that bullet point. However, it's only mentioned as Domestically (so only for Japan). This means nothing about a localization.

Capcom Investors Report 2016-Slide 12

Digital Contents Strategic Objectives and Plan (2)

Here they mention they're working on a new Monster Hunter game, yay! I've seen some people say that it must be a console game since it's listed under "Consumer" titles, but they just mentioned Monster Hunter Stories under "Consumer" in the previous slide, so this new Monster Hunter game could be 3DS or Console. We might hear about this at TGS 2016.

Capcom Investors Report 2016-Slide 13

Digital Contents Strategic Objectives and Plan (4)

They mention making more domestic (again, Japan) hits for the mobile market. Makes sense since they now have their new Capcom Mobile team. A new Monster Hunter mobile game will be in the works, as well as continued support for Monster Hunter Explore.

Capcom Investors Report 2016-Slide 15

Digital Contents Strategic Objectives and Plan (5)

Continued support for Monster Hunter Frontier G in Japan. Seems like they have no plan for a "Frontier 2" like some sites reported. Interesting that they mention Monster Hunter Online (under Asia, so no Japanese localization for that), but it seems they really want to make it popular over in China.

Capcom Investors Report 2016-Slide 16

Other Business - Strategic Objectives and Plan

"Increase awareness by coordinating TV shows with title releases" with" Animated 'Monster Hunter Stories' TV show scheduled to begin airing in Japan during 2016" sounds like they'll release at the same time. We'll probably hear more about the game at TGS 2016.

Capcom Investors Report 2016-Slide 25

Example: Leveraging the "Monster Hunter" Brand

I love this slide (except for them calling MHX as "Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate", but accidents happen) because it just shows how much faith they have in the Monster Hunter series.

Capcom Investors Report 2016-Slide 28

Capcom’s Competitive Edge

And lastly, this slide shows just how big Monster Hunter is these days. Those numbers rival Street Fighter now! It's definitely not a "niche" title anymore. Monster Hunter is very much mainstream.

Capcom Investors Report 2016-Slide 29


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