• Kneroid

    the unofficial but still fun to read MONSTER HUNTER AWARDS is now beginning!

    the most breakable parts on a monster award go,s to.........BARROTH!!!! with a total of 9 breakable parts!

    the most known monster award go,s to.......RATHALOS!!!!! being the monster that we remember most from the first game!

    the tallest monster award go,s to..........SHEN GOAREN!!!!! with a scale thats taller then lao shan!!!!

    the largest monster award go,s to........RAVIENTE!!!!! being so large that its intire body cant be in the same area at once!!!!

    the most uknown monster award go,s to..... YIAN GARUGA!!!!! with everyone saying what???

    the most wanted monster hunter game award go,s to........MONSTER HUNTER TRI!!!!! with most sales in a month!!!!

    and the most loved mo…

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  • Kneroid

    the wyverian nature

    February 17, 2011 by Kneroid

    the wyverian are a race of humanoids that have proven themselves as the best blacksmiths found anywhere.

    the wyverians have found many ways to spend there time. one way is a career is of veggie elder. they spend there time searching areas for rare and valuble items. the wyverians have also made it clear that there intelect is unmatched as they know very much about elder dragons and many other types of creatures. if you have been to the wyverian pub you can also see there superior skills as architechts. however you must be awhere that most wyverians are not well aqanted with most other species, beleiving they are a "lesser" species.thank you for reading.

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