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MHFU Hunting Journal Entry 1 (12/8/2010)

Kiyoaki December 8, 2010 User blog:Kiyoaki

Sure is cold out today, but these materials aren't gonna farm themselves. I hadn't noticed that I was missing the two Nekoht elder dragon quests for Kushala and Lunasta I was seeking, so I've had a minor setback in farming the Luna's Sun that I've been working on. Luckily I only needed one quest for Remobra which I had no reason not to do in the first place. God, I'm so lazy sometimes.

Kushala Daora came first, which was a nice change of pace from the Plesioth I was fighting before. I swear that hip check is the bane of my life... Anyways, the dragonator was so unneeded to fight him with. I was surprised that they gave you the option of ridiculous weaponry for a monster that really only matters when he has his aura on. No matter, a kill is a kill. Lunastra, here i come.

Now, I had forgotten something when fighting the Lunastra which made me feel slightly embarrassed. For almost the entire 25 minutes I had to fight it, I was hacking away at it's tail wondering why it wouldn't come off... Until I remembered it doesn't come off until she's weak enough, which is when my time ran out. Well, Elder Dragons just get easier as I hack at em so next time I won't be so dumb.

Second outing for Lunastra. The head broke in no time at all disabling the fire aura, I feel like an idiot for attacking its tail so long again... Now for the wings... Which are impossible to reach. Great. I should have just sleep bombed this thing to death. Too late now. The tail finally comes off, and out comes a Fire Drgn Scl+ Not too bad. For a second time, it runs away.

Third outing for this lame dragon. About 2 minutes in and its dead, how about that? Carved my first Fire Drgn Gem. Totally worth fighting already. Unfortunately, once again, I need more scales for the Luna's Flare. The most common of the materials. I think I'll take a break for now.

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