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  • I live in Gainsborough Bolton (Uni)
  • My occupation is Games Design Student
  • I am female
  • KirinGirl93

    What a tiring 3 hunt with three Kirins.

    Two hunts of the one on one fight VS Kirin, managed to create the arm, chest, and legs from these two hunts. The second Kirin was MASSIVE! I've never seen a Kirin that big before...

    Then moved onto the slightly more challenging fight of Kirin in the Old Swamp, urghhh so many Iodromes and Gendromes, needless to say a Gendrome pushed me into the area Kirin was in whilst I was SPEED SHARPENING! To then face a angry rage mode Kirin who was already infront of me to faint to a shoddy horn stab... Hmmm that didn't go to well... Oh well still beat it though! ^___^ This Kirin was tiny kinda looked like a my little pony from the good ol' 90's days, not like the weird looking ponies nowadays... Hahahah

    And with t…

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