Dear Monster Hunter Fans,

To kill the Plesioth you will need:

  • Armor that has 150-200 defence
  • A weapon that has about 500+ damage and a lot of green sharpness.(Best weapon would be a longsword.)

The Items you will need is:

  • 10 Potions
  • 5 Mega Potions
  • 10 Sharpening Stones
  • 10 Power Seeds
  • 10 Defence Seeds
  • 1 Shock Trap
  • 10 Well Done Steaks
    MHFU-Plesioth Icon
  • 4 Sonic Bombs
  • 5 Hot Drinks

Here is the Plesioth weakness list:

  • Weak Spot: Stomach
  • Element Weakness: Thunder & Fire
  • Shock Trap: Yes 2x duration
  • Pitfall Trap: Yes
  • Flash Bomb: No
  • Sonic Bomb: Yes while in water
  • Paralyze: Yes 10 seconds
  • Poison: Yes 120 health total (360 hp for green)
  • Sleep: Yes
  • Signal for Capture: Fins back and head lay down
  • Shiny: Fish it out with a frog.

Now If you are doing the 4 Star Elder Quest in the Dessert,

Here are some tips:

  • The Plesioth only stays in 6 & 7 areas on the map, so jump down the Well at your camp.
  • The Weak Point of the Plesioth is his belly.
  • The Safe Spot on the Plesioth is right between his legs, you can only get hurt if he does his hip attack.
  • When the Plesioth runs away to the water, put a trap right were he stops. So when he does it again you get him.
  • Use the sonic bombs right on top of him when he's in the water, it will put him in rage, but when in rage he stays on the land longer, so you can kill him.
    Desert gathering map(MHF2)

That is about all.

Hopes this info helps!

Good Huting!

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