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    Best Weapon Type?

    May 22, 2012 by KillerIke

    Dear Monster Hunter Fans,

    Most Used

    Between these weapon types:

    Close Range:

    • Great
    • Long Sword
    • Sword & Sheild
    • Twin Swords
    • Hammer
    • Hunting Horn
    • Lance
    • Gunlance
    • Switch Axe

    Long Range:

    • Light Bowgun
    • Medium Bowgun
    • Heavy Bowgun
    • Bow

    Coment, & put your vote in on the poll!

    Thank You For Your Feedback!!!


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  • KillerIke

    Dear Monster Hunter Fans,

    To kill the Plesioth you will need:

    • Armor that has 150-200 defence
    • A weapon that has about 500+ damage and a lot of green sharpness.(Best weapon would be a longsword.)

    The Items you will need is:


    • 10 Potions
    • 5 Mega Potions
    • 10 Sharpening Stones
    • 10 Power Seeds
    • 10 Defence Seeds
    • 1 Shock Trap
    • 10 Well Done Steaks
    • 4 Sonic Bombs
    • 5 Hot Drinks

    Here is the Plesioth weakness list:

    • Weak Spot: Stomach
    • Element Weakness: Thunder & Fire
    • Shock Trap: Yes 2x duration
    • Pitfall Trap: Yes
    • Flash Bomb: No
    • Sonic Bomb: Yes while in water
    • Paralyze: Yes 10 seconds
    • Poison: Yes 120 health total (360 hp for green)
    • Sleep: Yes
    • Signal for Capture: Fins back and head lay down
    • Shiny: Fish it out with a frog.

    Now If you are doing the 4 Star Elder Quest in the Dessert,

    Here are some tips:

    • The P…
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  • KillerIke

    Dear Monster Hunter fans im in a pickle! I need to beat the "Tigrex!"

    I need to know all i can about the Tigrex:

    • Best Armor
    • Best Close Range Weapon
    • Best Long Range Weapon
    • Weakness and Tricks.
    • Items to use

    I am trying to get the devil slicer. Meanwhile i have been doing offline quests to earn stuff.

    I have almost beat him. But I need more practice and a better weapon.

    Thank you for you help!


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