Saw everybody with their great monster creations posting for the contest. Don't know if it's still running, since the blog page had no text(?). But here it is, a 5-minute rendition of the Equilibrium Wyvern, Warsong.

Sorry for the bad quality; it was done haphazardly xD

Warsong -

Brute wyverns once used as weapons of war, they were thought to have perished centuries ago on the battle field. Recently rediscovered living in harsh remote areas. Reported habitats are the Desert, the Gorge, and the Highlands. These creatures have terrible protrusions from its chin that can rake the earth with deadly effect. Larger than a Deviljho, although it by no means is a Super Predator like it. Slow when normal, but surprisingly fast when Enraged. When enraged, the scales running across its neck turn red, and it will huff smoke. Even though it lacks ranged attacks, it makes up for the flaw with powerful physical attacks. The tail is a main weapon, besides its chin protrusions. It also attacks by wildly slamming its neck around. It is very heavy, leaving faint footprints everytime it walks. Walking in mud, sand, and dusted earth, it gathered some of these things on its feet and excessively on its tail, attributing to its power. These parts on its feet can be broken, and sometimes drop Warsong Scale/Warsong Gem and Battlefield Jewel. The tail can be broken two times, once clearing the earth, then scarring the tail. It cannot be cut.

Another interesting fact is that it only falls when slain. No matter the damage done, it will stay afoot. It even sleeps standing. Thus it is called the 'Equilibrium Wyvern'.

Armor follows Knight/Soldier motif, with the Gunner set more thinner, following roles of an Archer.

Weapons -

  • GS - Battlefield Blade
  • LS - Grand Halberd
  • SnS - Knight's Path
  • Lance - Trias Spear
  • HH - War Cry
  • HBG - Grey Cannon
  • LBG - Wyvern's Musket
  • Bow - Steel Rain

They all follow war motifs.

Well, now that I've been tempted into hand-drawing monsters, watch out for more I guess.

Next; Peacock Bird Wyvern, "Dazzling Plumage"!

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