I was writing my FanFic(which may or may not creep here), and when I reviewed the prologue I started thinking about this creature I made.

Continentus. Imagine, a serpentine creature literally the size of continents living in a void sky where the horizon is absent. Six gigantic wings that take in air underneath them, enabling to constantly traverse the heavens. Its body is covered in golden debris caused by the hardening of water particles and dust exposed to unending sun and wind. These debris form an outer layer on its skin, enabling it to withstand high air pressure from being so high up in the sky. That said, its two skins are extremely hard, quite possibly even able to withstand close proximity to the Sun. However this is just a rumor. Its six wings that arch out and reflect light as it travels above awe-filled witnesses have also made it to be called Keeper of the Sun.

Ahem, anyway.

Imagine how fun(and hard) a fight could be against this creature. Yes, for now I haven't been able to think of a class for this thing. There is no time limit. The quest takes place at the Tower, it starts with a cutscene showing Continentus gliding far and high all around the sky above the tower, before it begins revolving right on top of the tower, ending with a hovering stance in which it spreads out its six wings and dissipates the storm clouds, revealing a scorching sun above as it ascends to a very high altitude. Then the fun starts. The player can only look helplessly at their target as Continentus glides all around the tower at a high altitude. Then it flies straight at the player (just imagine how panicked they'll be when a continent tries to ram them) only to fly straight up instead of hitting the tower, and dissapear(like a monster going into another area). After this the player wilbe left alone, as he/she RAGES over not knowing what to do next. By 10 minutes or so the player would probably abandon, but if he/she is the "Chosen One" (by that I mean not scared to try everything), the real battle would take place. How?

When I mean not scared to try everything, I meant it. Go to Gestures, and select "Despair". A cutscene will play. Markings appear on the tower, and the Silver Rathalos enters, landing in front of the player. The player then rides it(yes this may sound cheesy), as it flies to the "Heavens", the real map.

Tell me what you think, although this isn't really complete yet.

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