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  • Katzenbach

    Saw everybody with their great monster creations posting for the contest. Don't know if it's still running, since the blog page had no text(?). But here it is, a 5-minute rendition of the Equilibrium Wyvern, Warsong.

    Sorry for the bad quality; it was done haphazardly xD

    Warsong -

    Brute wyverns once used as weapons of war, they were thought to have perished centuries ago on the battle field. Recently rediscovered living in harsh remote areas. Reported habitats are the Desert, the Gorge, and the Highlands. These creatures have terrible protrusions from its chin that can rake the earth with deadly effect. Larger than a Deviljho, although it by no means is a Super Predator like it. Slow when normal, but surprisingly fast when Enraged. When enrage…

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  • Katzenbach

    Brute Wyverns once feared as weapons of war, they were thought to have perished on the battlefield centuries ago. Known for devastating physical attacks, notorious for their innate ability to stay afoot no matter how much damage is done, they only fall when slain. Their weight is said to be equivalent to that of gigantic Elder Dragons.

    Similar in build to the Deviljho, slightly larger in size due to their long history. Larger hind legs with flat feet and blunt claws. The forelegs serve no function apparently, small in size with spikes running up the sides. Most prominent are the claw-like protrusions on its chin. On the battlefield these were used to rake opposition on the ground such as infantry with deadly effect. Another feature worth me…

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  • Katzenbach

    I was writing my FanFic(which may or may not creep here), and when I reviewed the prologue I started thinking about this creature I made.

    Continentus. Imagine, a serpentine creature literally the size of continents living in a void sky where the horizon is absent. Six gigantic wings that take in air underneath them, enabling to constantly traverse the heavens. Its body is covered in golden debris caused by the hardening of water particles and dust exposed to unending sun and wind. These debris form an outer layer on its skin, enabling it to withstand high air pressure from being so high up in the sky. That said, its two skins are extremely hard, quite possibly even able to withstand close proximity to the Sun. However this is just a rumor. …

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  • Katzenbach

    Calumnus, Tein. age ; unknown, race ; unknown, an exiled member of the Elder Dragon Observatory, for his rather "untolerable" research methods and theories, in which the other researchers refuse to delve deeper into. He was believed to have travelled the entire world all by himself, such a feat non-existant of that time. He reportedly went missing after returning to lands of Schrade, reasons unknown. Decades passed, when a retiring member of the E.D.O. found a patch of files and notes regarding the creatures he came across on his travels.

    Some have been identified, but most are still unconfirmed by their existence.

    ".....slands.. thwest of the Sc.....found a str..g of cany... ver...suppl.. life to the living crea.... at...consid... it their …

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