Well,a lot of guys think: Hey,it must be the same than monster hunter freedom or freedom unite.If you think that YOU'RE WRONG

Here i'll tell you the differences:

1Every mission(except first one) is a HUNT.There is no gathering quests!That makes it HARDER(in the second mission you have to kill velocidrome,in third you have to kill bulldrome,in fourth you have to kill kut-ku,etc)

2New missions are unlocked by giving items to a guy or making a mission for a guy(thats right,no urgents).This makes it harder cuz the items are from BOSSES or other things you have to find.So if you killed (for example) a kut-ku for cassuality and they want you bring them a kut-ku webbing,it's harder cuz if he don't bring that item you have to kill it again

3You can go to kokoto village and have missions in that region!(you have to upgrade the ship carpenter until he finishes te ship)

4You can upgrade your village!

5Kushala daora is the head monster,so,you have to fight him early!(very early,one time you killed congalala you have to repel it to times and one time you kill khezu and blangonga you have to KILL IT)

6You don't start in snowy mountains,you start in jungle

7Is for ps2(i have it lalalalalala)

8God it's hard!

9I recommend it to guys who passed monster hunter 1(or g)

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