Behold, the largest monster I've ever drawn:

Here's what kIdMohawk told me:


So friggin huge...

"heres one i think your going to like An island monster (name not decided yet) : Its looks like a lagiacrus but its very large like a raviente and it has a forest on the top of its body. it is a relative to the raviente it eats anything from ore to any type of monster , except for elder dragons, akantor, ukanlos, it swims across the ocean, it feeds on one one island source to another and rest after the travel, it has very hard skin and alot of spikes in the head. For more information Go to MH Wishlist and find Island Monster and post the drawing there if you would like to."

- I think it looks like a Lagia, I mean it has that hood and the head are similar.

-Its friggin MASSIVE. If you compare yourself to this dude, you'll probably be a tiny DOT.

- The trees and mountain on its back are very tall. Depicting it is very old.

- It can shoot beams of water from its mouth. This attack is very devastating, able to destroy a whole island in mere seconds, but it rarely uses this.

- There have only been a few sightings of this beast. It sleeps for ages, disguising itself as an island.

hope you like it. Comments are appreciated. And if you have a request go to this link:

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