Here it is:



Here is the info MonsterKiller gave me:

"i got alot more heres one Chetagrak: A pesudo wyvern that is slightly built to that of a tigrex but slightly bigger that of a gigginox. These creatures skin color is bright yellow and has black spots to blend in with the desert but to catch its prey its wings are highly adapted to run faster that a tigrex that it depend on speed to catch its prey. It has a small head but terrible teeth and razor sharp claws and spikes running down its back."

- I can't quite draw the spots, so I'll just discard those

- The spikes run down from its neck up to its tail

-Its teeth are razor sharp, and so are its claws.

- Charges much like Tigrex, but much more faster and aggresive.

- Head, claws and back can be broken. Tail can be severed.

I hope you like it. Comments are appreciated. And if you have a request go to this link:

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