Its done.I think it came out pretty good. I've been drawing dinosaurs since forever, so this was not much difficult.


Here was the info MonsterKiller gave me:

"i got one but i dont know how to draw it but its in my mind here i go Ganguka a large brute wyvern that has an huge skull and teeth for crunchin anything and everything. it has a large body the size of super jho and it skin is green . it has a huge body for swalloing meat huge amouts it looks kinda like a jho and a t-rex combined MonsterKiller"

- I followed everything he said. It kinda looks like a T-rex on steroids (sorry Joe)

- I also made its tail stubbed, making a deadly weapon aside from is body and mouth.

I hope you like it. Comments are appreciated. And if you have a request go to this link:

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